Your safety is very important to us.

When you hire gear in person at our shop, the following information is communicated as part of your safety induction. With online bookings and delivery, we ask that you take time to read the following information as well as the terms and conditions of our hire agreement. 

Using our bikes

When riding our bikes, all riders must wear the helmet supplied with your bike. Helmets must be properly fitted by one of our team members, or adjusted to fit according to the instructions provided with your hire gear. 

When not using our bikes, please ensure they are locked to a secure, non-removable object such as a bollard, fence, seat or other appropriate structure. Note theft or loss due to not adequately securing the bike may result in your credit card being charged, as per our hire agreement. We’ll always try and work with you avoid this, and locking up your bike is the easiest way to prevent a problem. 

Road safety

Burra Bike & Board is a member of Bicycle NSW and refer to their road safety rules. Some important points to remember when using our bikes on the road: 

Shared bike paths are marked with a ‘bike’ symbol and can be used by riders and pedestrians of all ages. Remember to dismount and give way to traffic at all road intersections when using a shared path. 

On footpaths without the shared ‘bike’ symbol, children under 16 years and adults supervising or riding with children are allowed to ride on a footpath, as well as any rider with a medical condition. 

The following graphic, courtesy of Bicycle NSW, is helpful in knowing where to ride: 

Riding on the road

On shared roads with motor vehicles, bike riders need to ride in the same direction as the traffic and follow all road rules. Riders need to use simple hand signals to indicate their intention to turn left, right, or stop, and must ensure they are visible to drivers at all times. This includes having a front and rear light when riding at night.

On the road, riders are not required to remain to the left of the lane, although this may be recommended to help ensure drivers can maintain a 1m minimum passing distance if needed.

The following graphic is useful when riding on the road:

Using our surfboards

When using our surfboards, you must be a competent swimmer and/or be under the direct instruction of an adult with an appropriate level of water safety. If you are unsure, talk to us about your water competency before you finalise your hire gear.

At the time of your hire, we will provide — either verbally or in writing, or both — important information about where to surf according to your level of experience and the conditions at the time of your hire. If you are unsure about this information, contact us for clarification.

All our hires come with local maps indicating the best places to surf for beginners, and this information should be used to guide your choices when using our boards. Daily condition and weather reports are also provided at the Burra Bike & Board shopfront and/or social media channels, and we advise checking this information prior to using our boards.

Using our kayaks or SUPs

When using our kayaks and paddle boards, all paddlers must wear a life vest supplied at the time of the hire. Children under 12 years (or without an appropriate level of water competency) need to be supervised by an adult at all times while using our paddle boards and kayaks.

Junior kayaks should only be used by competent swimmers above a minimum age of six years. Note that not all six year olds will be able to maneuvre a junior kayak safely, so talk to us if you are unsure about the suitability of this product.

All paddle craft can be difficult to control in bad weather conditions. Be sure to check our daily weather forecasts and swell conditions before you head out in one of our kayaks or SUPs, always paddle with a friend, and consider wearing bright clothing so you are visible to other boaters. We also recommend taking a mobile phone device for any planned open water paddles, and can hire you a waterproof phone cover to assist if you need one. 

No kayaks, SUPs or surfboards hired from Burra Bike & Board should be used at night. 

Please note all children under the age of 12 must wear an approved life jacket in open and enclosed waters while using a kayak in NSW.

For more information, visit NSW Maritime by clicking here.


Life jackets on SUPs at the beach

Please note that when using a SUP at the beach where there is any swell (waves), it is not advisable to wear a life jacket as this can inhibit your ability to ‘duck dive’ under waves where necessary. 

For SUP-users over the age of 12 years at a beach less than 8m from shore, we do not recommend using a life vest, but this decision should be made based on your water confidence, ocean swimming experience and the conditions at the time.

Note paddle board users who are alone should wear a life vests at all times. 

If you are unsure of the safest option for you, please contact us. 

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