Hello weekend!

We have been loving seeing some VIBE return to the community of Culburra Beach. Now that lockdown is OVER, that special breed of human known as a tourist has been slowly returning to our orbit. Frankie’s coffee van is pumping out fresh velvety brews from Hyper Hyper; Freaks of Nature food van is churning out the most delicious rainbow bowls of goodness, Burra Beach Eats is bringing the love with fresh-battered fish, rice paper rolls and pressed juices, and we even had some pop-up action in our yard, thanks to Swampin Beats and Flowers by Charms.

All the activity makes us realise how much we missed people over the past couple of months. And, while we may not be ready for full-on body contact, it sure is nice so share a space, side by side, on the other side.

Bring it.

PS At the moment we are open Friday — Sunday, 9am to 3pm. We might be in store a little earlier and be staying a little later… and sometimes we may even shut up shop a wee bit early because, well, it’s the Burra mate and sometimes that’s how we roll. Our webshop is open 24/7, though. And if you’re busting for a bike hire or pressie for the misso, you can also call us and we can open up for you in about 3 minutes flat. Time us.

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