culburra beach fat bike tour

Have you seen our new tour page?

You might have heard us banging on about our tour packages a bit lately… but it just got serious! Three bike tours have launched on our new tour page on our website, which means you can now book tours online, direct through our web shop.

When we first opened Burra Bike & Board, we didn’t think we’d be offering TOURS as such, but it turns out that visitors want to pack a whole lot in to their explorations around Culburra, so we began developing self-guided tour options for people who want to hire with a bit more support and guidance.

Our first three tours are a Culburra Beach Fat BIke Tour (3 hours making your way from the village centre, along the arc of Culburra Beach, to Crookhaven headland; a 4-hour Kinghorne Point fat bike tour that explores the pristine beach and bushland south of Lake Wollumboola; and a cruisy Culburra Beach townie tour, incorporating the best coffees, cocktails and things to see along the way.

Our tours are just like regular ol’ bike hire, except with a bit more OOMPH. Think customised pick-up and drop off, complimentary tide checks, a coffee to start, detailed maps and waypoints, and as many phonecalls or cheer squads as you need along the way.

Check it out at and stay tuned for more tour products when they drop…

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