Lake Wollumboola

Magic of Wollumboola

It’s been an exciting month in Culburra Beach. For the first time in a few years, our mighty ICOL has opened to the sea and brought spectacular change and the full force of nature to its foreshores. It’s an event that brings locals and visitors out onto the sand in droves, but instead of looking to the surf break, they are all turned toward the expanse of dark water known as Lake Wollumboola.

The lake sits at the heart of the Three C Peninsula outlining Culburra, Callala and Currarong. It forms the heart of the towns both metaphysically and culturally. And after weeks of unprecedented rainfall over March, it burst its sandbank and emptied to the sea in early April, resulting in an explosion of surf, wild sea, mountains of foam and fish.

It turns the lake into a mecca for families, SUPpers, fishermen, kayakers or just nature-lovers, and we have loved sending visitors to the lake foreshore with a hired paddle or board to explore what many still haven’t full experienced in Culburra Beach.

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